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Point Blank: free Max For Live Kick Drum Designer plug-in

Free download and tutorial

Point Blank: Kick Drum Designer Max For LivePoint Blank: Kick Drum Designer Max For Live

Music technology education specialsts Point Blank have an extra special treat for you in the form of a brand new Max For Live device, designed by one of their expert tutors, Daniel Herbert. Download the Kick Drum Designer for free by clicking here.

Even if you don't own Live 9 or Max For Live, the tutorial still outlines some important transferable concepts around designing kick drum sounds.

Here are some words from Daniel to explain it…

"This is the latest Max for Live device from Point Blank which currently is only compatible with Live 9. The kick drum designer is based on some of the techniques we cover in the Ableton Sound design course when looking at Operator, and synthesises bass drums by using a series of envelopes to modulate the pitch and amplitude of basic waveforms.

"In this video we explore the main features of the kick drum designer and also look at how to install a Max for Live plugin in Live 9. The device features an integrated preset system and a morphing slider which allows you to morph between the different presets for some interesting sonic potential. There’s also a resonant filter to further help sculpt the sound and add variation, check out the video below for a full demonstration of its capabilities."

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