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Film Sound School launches courses

London school has open day on June 8th

FSS StudentFSS StudentPress Release: The Film Sound School London, specialists in audio for film have started taking bookings for their courses in May and June.

The long standing and well respected teams behind The Foley Factory, and Filmfonix have now opened their doors to teach young and up and coming sound engineers everything they need to know to get into Film and TV audio.

As of May this year, students, professionals, and the general public alike, will have the opportunity, to take part in day, and evening courses teaching all you’ll ever need to know to work in audio for film.

The United Kingdom, has until now had very limited options for Audio for film courses, with many institutes preferring to concentrate on film production, rather than the processes involved on the audio.
With the Film Sound School, students will not only be lucky enough to have the entire industry and processes explained by some of the most experienced and respected professionals in the industry, but they will also have the opportunity to learn all about the secretive methods of foley recording, from some of the best foley artists in the world.

Franziska Treutler, Managing Director of Filmfonix said of the project, “We want to give sound engineers, and anyone interested in audio for film, the opportunity to come and learn what it takes to work in film, while giving them an over view of what jobs are available. Most of all we want to educate people, and help them find the right path.”

Stuart Read, Sound engineer and studio manager for the Foley Factory said, “It is a really exciting project for us, there isn’t a single educational facility in the UK, that specializes in foley recording, and with it being such a fundamental part of any sound track, it is sorely missed. I’m personally really looking forward to sharing the knowledge I’ve built over the years, and hopefully inspiring others into an industry I feel so passionate about.”

The Film Sound School is based in Mile End London, and opens its doors on the 1st May 2013.

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