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Polyend new products - Superbooth 2019

Video report

Polyend Poly 2 is a powerful MIDI to CV converter available as a module or standalone version. It allows you to control your modular setup with any MIDI hardware or software device. Set, save and recall parameter presets using simple menu displayed on an OLED screen. Trigger up to 8 voices with different settings: first/next/MIDI channel/MIDI notes. It also features twelve configurable outputs: Gate, Pitch, Velocity, CC and Clock with tempo divisions.

Polyend Preset allows you to create, recall and sequence multiple output parameters and much more with a single press of a button immediately recalls up to 9 different CV output values.
Variable values per output: notes (1V/Oct), Gates, constant values (0-10V), recorded CV automation. - 32 banks of 32 presets (1024 presets in total). And much more.

The new Polyend Medusa standalone Hybrid Synthesizer materialized from the genuine passion and relationship between Dreadbox and Polyend.
This latest version receives a firmware update and cometic tweak. It features 64 fully responsive and customizable, three-dimension expressive pads, known as the Grid with assignable musical scales and different layouts.
The Grid is storing 128 presets of voices, chords memory, sequences and more than one hundred modulators per step. There are 3 sequencing modes: step, live and incremental.
Sound-wise, there are 3 synchronizable analog oscillators with the choice of four classic wave types for each of them. One 24dB classic Dreadbox analog filter with three different types (2pole LP, 4pole LP, HP). Plus, 3 digital wavetable oscillators with a choice of 20 morphable wavetables.

Polyend Anywhere sets your Eurorack system free. - This tiny interface card lets you power up your setup from any power bank. - An inexpensive 20 000 mAh battery will power up several modules for a couple of hours.

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