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Reynolds A-Type 4 Ambisonic microphone

Features a lightweight and durable nylon body

Reynolds A-Type 4 first-order A-Format Ambisonics microphone field recording

Reynolds Microphones have announced the release of a new addition to their range of Ambisonic microphones, the Reynolds A-Type 4. Each of the company’s microphones are hand-built in the UK by Jack Reynolds, who says that this latest model is the result of years of product development and testing.

The A-Type 4 employs four closely matched 14mm cardioid electret capsules which the company say are capable of withstanding a wide variety of conditions ranging from humid jungles to hot, dry deserts, an important factor in a device primarily aimed at field recording applications. The body and head basket are made of SLS 3D-printed nylon, with a nickel coating offering electrical shielding and a hard-wearing surface.

This method of construction is said to offer a number of benefits, including a low susceptibility to condensation thanks to the nylon being more resistant to low temperatures than metal, and a lightweight construction, with the microphone weighing in at a minimal 75g.

The microphone utilises a LEMO 2B connector for its output, and includes a 3m breakout cable which provides the signals from the capsules on four colour-coded Neutrik XLR connectors. A selection of Rycote accessories are supplied with each purchase, including a custom BBG wind-shield, a BBG Windjammer, and an INV 7HG shockmount.

In terms of performance, Reynolds Microphones specify a self-noise figure of 10dBA, and a maximum SPL handling of 127dB. Sensitivity is quoted as -21dB, meaning that even quiet sources can be captured without the need for a large amount of gain.

Also included, is a VST plug-in designed by Atmoky, which is able to convert the microphone’s A-Format signals into B-Format for use in applications such as 360 video or audio for virtual reality, or as a spherical audio storage format that can then be decoded to binaural or a wide range of channel-based output formats.

Pricing & Availability

The Reynolds A-Type 4 is available to pre-order now, priced at £749 including VAT.

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