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Rise & Shine pedal from Stone Deaf FX

Combines octave-up fuzz and tremolo effects

Stone Deaf FX Rise & Shine octave-up fuzz tremolo guitar effects pedal

The latest pedal from Stone Deaf FX combines the classic octave-up fuzz effect with a dynamic octapulse tremolo, offering a wide range of tones that promise to please everyone from Blues aficionados to Metal shredders.

Despite its wide tonal range, Rise & Shine offers a simple and intuitive set of controls. A Fuzz dial, as you might expect, defines the overall amount of saturation, whilst a Tone knob manipulates a pair of high- and low-pass filters — turning the control clockwise will result in more high-frequency content, whilst anti-clockwise will increase low-frequency content. Yet more control is provided by a Voice switch, which offers a choice of two different tonal voicings. There’s a Mix control to set the blend between processed and unprocessed signals, and a Volume control which defines the overall output level, and interacts with both the Mix and Fuzz knobs. 

A Mode button then allows users to cycle between the following five operation modes, each of which are indicated by a different colour:

  • Orange: Standard Mode
  • Green: Momentary Octave Mode
  • Cyan: Momentary Bypass Mode
  • Magenta: Standard Division Mode
  • White: Custom Division Mode

Each of the modes influence how the pedal’s octave effect behaves. With the pedal set to Standard Mode, the effect can be engaged and bypassed using the Octave footswitch, and the two Momentary settings either engage or bypass the effect whilst the footswitch is held down. The Division options then provide a range of different tremolo effects, the rate of which can be set using either the Voice switch, or by connecting an external tap tempo or expression pedal.

The pedal’s input and output are provided on standard quarter-inch TS sockets, with a quarter-inch TRS offering connectivity with an expression or remote tap tempo pedal. 9V DC power is accepted via a 2.1mm centre-negative socket, and Rise & Shine requires a minimum current of 100mA.

Pricing & Availability

Rise & Shine is available to pre-order now, priced at £220 excluding VAT. Stone Deaf FX say that units will begin shipping in January 2024.

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