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Erica Synths launch EDU DIY Hi-Hat module

Latest DIY Eurorack module announced

Erica Synths EDU DIY Hi-Hat build your own Eurorack drum module

The latest addition to Erica Synths and Mortiz Klein’s mki x es.EDU series has arrived, giving users the chance to build their own analogue hi-hat Eurorack module. As with the rest of the range’s offerings, EDU DIY Hi‑Hat comes with a full set of instructions that not only guide users through the process of piecing together their own module, but also talk through the circuitry in detail and explain how the choices made during its design influence the final sound.

The module is inspired by Roland’s TR-808 drum machine, delivering the classic synthesised hi-hat tones that have become a staple of electronic music. Control over the module’s pitch is provided by a large Tune knob, whilst Tone and Decay parameters offer adjustment over EQ and hit length. Trigger input and signal output jacks are joined by an accent input, and a pair of CV inputs that make it possible to control the Tune and Decay parameters from another module.

Key Specs

  • CV span (full range): -5V - +5V
  • Accent: >+2.5V
  • Module width: 8HP
  • Module depth: 30mm
  • Power consumption: 7mA +12V / 7mA -12V

Pricing & Availability

The EDU DIY Hi-Hat is available now, priced at €65.

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