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Kaedinger’s Audio Comparison plug-in for WordPress

Set up A/B/C audio file comparisons

A/B/C Audio Comparison WordPress plug-in mixed unmixed files compare on website

Audio Comparison is a plug-in for WordPress websites that has been created by a software developer and semi-professional studio owner seeking a simple way to present before and after audio examples for their studio’s website. There are free and paid-for versions available, and it’s already gained some significant interest in the audio industry, being put to work by companies such as Slate Digital, elysia Soundskrit, Bulwark, Audio Animals and many more.

The plug-in makes it possible to synchronise the playback of up to three audio files and switch seamlessly between them using a pair of buttons. In addition to its A/B/C comparison capabilities, it is also possible to host a single file and simply use the plug-in as a standard audio player. A paid-for version then introduces a whole host of additional functionality, including a styling editor that allows the design to be changed to match the branding of the user’s company or website.

There are a number of examples on the company’s website that let you check out the plug-in in action.

Pricing & Availability

The free version of the plug-in available via WordPress, and the two paid-for versions can be purchased via the Kaedinger website. There are Standard and Discounted pricing options available, the latter of which is available to individuals purchasing the plug-in for their own personal use, individuals or businesses whose yearly gross revenue does not exceed $10,000 using the plug-in commercially, or educational / non-profit organisations. For those wishing to try out the features of the paid version, a five-day trial version is available.

Pricing options are as follows:

  • Standard (perpetual): £167 including VAT
  • Discounted (perpetual): £49 including VAT
  • Standard (subscription): £29 / year including VAT
  • Discounted (subscription): £9 / year including VAT

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