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Focusrite FAST range offer

Save over 87% on AI-powered plug-ins

Focusrite FAST Bundle AI Limiter Equaliser EQ Compressor Reveal space clarity Verb reverb plug-in bundle sale

Focusrite have announced a limited-time pricing offer across their range of AI-powered FAST plug-ins. Until 2 January 2024, users are able to save 87% when purchasing the Focusrite FAST Bundle.

There are five plug-ins included in the FAST series, all of which use AI-based technology to automatically apply processing based on the content of the source material, leaving users free to focus on creating their music. Despite the simplicity of their approach, each plug-in also offers full control over all of its parameters for those who wish to fine-tune the results.

The following plug-ins are included in the range:

  • FAST Limiter: A powerful mastering tool designed to perfect tracks for streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. A Reference Mastering function allows users to emulate the sound of their favourite artists, whilst a graphic visualiser helps them to make informed decisions during the mastering process
  • FAST Equaliser: An AI-powered mixing plug-in that aims to simplify the process of balancing audio by analysing incoming audio and automatically applying EQ filters
  • FAST Compressor: Automatically applies dynamic processing to maintain a consistent level whilst allowing users to concentrate on their creative process
  • FAST Reveal: An innovative plug-in that automatically balances foreground and background signals in order to create space between tracks that are competing for attention in a mix
  • FAST Verb: Employs Focusrite's smart:engine to quickly find an appropriate reverb for users' audio, and offers a set of options to tailor the sound to their track


All of the plug-ins in the FAST Bundle are supported on PCs running Windows 10, and Macs running macOS 10.12 and above. They are available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

Pricing & Availability

The sale is live now, and is running until 2 January 2024. For the duration of the offer, the FAST Bundle is priced at $39.99£39.99 including VAT / €39.99, reduced from its usual cost of $359.85£329.85 including VAT / €284.85. To obtain the discount, customers can apply the following discount code during checkout: FASTBUNDLEBF2023

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