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Roswell Aztec flagship tube mic launched

Tube microphone with selection between nine polar patterns

Roswell Audio Aztec Tube Mic

Roswell Audio have announced the release of the Aztec, the boutique manufacturer’s new flagship tube microphone. With nine selectable polar patterns and using high-fidelity components, Roswell say that this microphone delivers the airy, intimate top end and muscular bass of the finest vintage tube microphones and is the result of two years of intensive R&D.

Not a direct clone of any particular microphone, Roswell Audio have taken inspiration from popular designs and reimagined the Aztec with new features and upgrades. This design uses a single-triode topology, edge-terminated K251 capsule, and a custom-wound European T14 transformer. 

The mic incorporates a high-pass filter switch to reduce proximity for close mic placements, while a second switch enables an attenuation pad to increase headroom for high-SPL sources. The nine discrete polar patterns can be chosen by moving the rotary switch on the microphone’s power supply.

The mic’s power supply is fully regulated and filtered. It includes numerous component upgrades unique to the Aztec. These include NOS tantalum resistors, a Swiss-made pattern control, and Roswell’s own electrolytic filter capacitors, which were specially designed for audio. The fuse and fuse holder have also been upgraded to gold-plated German-made parts.

Pricing & Availability

The Roswell Aztec mic is available now at a price of $2499.

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