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Blue Cat Audio announce Axiom V2 & Fader Hub

Major upgrades to amp sim & a brand new audio streaming plug-in

Blue Cat Audio Axiom V2 & Fader Hub announced

Blue Cat Audio have announced the upcoming release of two new plug-ins at this year’s NAMM show. Axiom V2 is the updated version of their guitar and bass effects processor and amp simulator, and Fader Hub is a brand new software which allows audio mixing and streaming across a local or Internet connection.

Axiom V2

Five years after its first version launched at NAMM 2018, Blue Cat Audio have now announced Axiom V2 is coming soon. This updated version of their guitar multi-effects and amplifier simulator is designed to be easier to use for beginners whilst also offering more depth for advanced users. 

New features include an ‘EZ View’ for a simplified display during live performances or when browsing presets, allowing users to access effects and their main parameters in a virtual pedalboard. Axiom V2 features a redesigned user interface customization with new 3D graphics, an enhanced distortion and amp simulation engine, revisited presets, direct to disk audio recording in the application, backing tracks support, new built-in effects, and more. You can also build your custom rigs with your own macros, controlling multiple effects with a single knob, with the ability to customise the look and controls on display.

Blue Cat Audio Axiom V2Blue Cat Audio Axiom V2

Fader Hub

Blue Cat’s Fader Hub is a new application and plug-in, designed to function as a network mixing and streaming console, allowing users to play music with others over a local network or on the Internet. Developed from technology behind their Connector plug-in, the makers say that Fader Hub brings the concept of lossless audio streaming a step further.

This new software acts as a hub and personal mixer for multiple musicians, with built-in remote multi-track recording, audio effects and third party plug-ins support. Users can select which channels of their mix are sent to the stream, and other collaborators can listen or add their own channels.

Blue Cat Audio Fader HubBlue Cat Audio Fader Hub

Price & Availability

Axiom V2 and Fader Hub are expected to be released to the public later this year, as standalone applications and plug-ins for Mac and PC. Pricing information is yet to be announced.

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