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Blue Cat Audio plug-ins updated

Apple Silicon AAX versions and more

Blue Cat Audio updates Apple Silicon native AAX VST fixes Axiom Remote Control PatchWork

Blue Cat Audio have announced an update to their entire range of plug-ins. Native Apple Silicon AAX versions of all of their current offerings are now available, whilst a number of individual plug-ins have gained a range of new features and functionality.

Axiom 1.65

Axiom, the company’s guitar and bass amp simulation and multi-effects suite, now benefits from a newly introduced macro control editor, allowing multiple parameters across processors within the plug-in to be mapped to a single control. Different ranges can be set for each included parameter, and the resulting control can be named, with the majority of host DAWS capable of displaying the new name in their automation lanes.

A new transport toolbar has been added, and includes controls for Pause and Rewind, as well as tempo selection along with a Tap Tempo function. A range of improvements have also been implemented including faster performance when loading the GUI, as well as some fixes for known issues such as MIDI communication errors between some plug-ins and security warnings during installation on Macs running macOS Catalina and newer.

PatchWork 2.61

In addition to the recent major update (detailed here), PatchWork has also gained a new toolbar dedicated to transport functions, offering the same set of controls featured in the Axiom update. Pro Tools users benefit from newly added support for a range of surround formats (up to eight-channel), whilst an issue affecting some VST3 versions of the plug-in, which required the bypass button to be clicked twice before engaging, has been resolved.

Remote Control 3.11

Blue Cat Audio say that custom control names within Remote Control should now be available in the automation lanes of most host applications, and that parameter value displays have been improved in VST versions. The plug-in’s installers have also been updated to avoid security warnings for users running macOS Catalina or newer.  More details on the most recent major update to Remote Control can be found in this news story.

Other Plug-Ins

A number of improvements and bug fixes have been implemeneted across the entire Blue Cat Audio range, including the company’s selection of free plug-ins. More in-depth details on the changes can be found on the Blue Cat Audio website.


All of Blue Cat Audio’s plug-ins are supported on PCs running Windows Vista and newer, and Macs running macOS 10.9 and above. VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX versions are available.

Pricing & Availability

The updates are available now, and are free for existing users. Those wishing to purchase Blue Cat Audio plug-ins are currently able to take advantage of a range of offer prices, which are available until 31 December 2022.

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