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Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat Audio PatchWork VST VST3 AAX AU plug-in host multi-effects serial parallel routing Pro Tools Logic

Blue Cat Audio update PatchWork

The latest version of Blue Cat Audio's multi-effects processor and plug-in host introduces a range of new visual and operational features, as well as resolving some known bugs. 

Blue Cat Audio updates Apple Silicon native AAX VST fixes Axiom Remote Control PatchWork

Blue Cat Audio plug-ins updated

Blue Cat Audio have announced that native Apple Silicon AAX versions of all of their current offerings are now available, with a range of individual plug-ins also gaining a variety of new features and functionality.


Blue Cat Audio update MB-7 Mixer

Blue Cat Audio have updated MB-7 Mixer, a plug-in which allows users to create their own multi-band processing chains from built-in effects and third-party plug-ins. 

Blue Cat Audio Remote Control 3.1 virtual multiple MIDI control surface plug-in

Blue Cat Audio Remote Control 3.1

Blue Cat Audio have updated Remote Control, their virtual MIDI control surface that allows multiple instruments and effects to be controlled from a single interface. 

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