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Rupert Neve Design reveal 10-slot 500-series rack

Over-spec'd power rack and SwiftMix MC5 Master Control announced

Announced at the 2017 Winter NAMM Show is Rupert Neve Designs’ brand new ten-space 500-series rack, the R10. 

Building on the success of the R6 six-space rack introduced in 2015, the R10 is a 500-series rack made for serious sound. With more than 150% the required current — meaning all those power-hunger modules can co-exist — as well as rugged build quality and a full complement of XLR and TRS I/O, the R10 is designed to provide a level of  power and stability that your best modules require to realize their fullest potential.
The R10 begins shipping at the end of January 2017, with a retail price of $995 USD.

The company have also announced the SwiftMix MC5 Master Control module for the RND 5088 consoles outfitted with SwiftMix moving fader automation. At its introduction in 2014, Rupert Neve Designs’ proprietary SwiftMix automation system brought high-quality VCA-less moving fader automation to the company’s flagship 5088 console. Now, the release of the SwiftMix MC5 Master Control module brings advanced transport, editing, and grouping functionality with all of the most popular DAWs to the engineer’s fingertips. Created to provide seamless control from the mix position, the MC5 should make easier auditioning, decisive editing, and quick recall.

According to General Manager Josh Thomas, “The addition of the MC5 Master Controller will add powerful capabilities to the 5088 console, providing the user with a control set familiar to the ProTools user, and allowing for a streamlined workflow through a truly world class signal path.”

The SwiftMix MC5 Master Control is now available for integration with 5088 consoles that include the SwiftMix moving fader automation system. Pricing is quoted upon request per application.

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