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Sample Logic introduce Synth AI – Animated Intelligence

A 24GB virtual instrument for Kontakt

Sample Logic Synth AI Out Now

Sample Logic's latest release is Synth AI – Animated Intelligence, a 24GB virtual instrument for Kontakt. Made entirely from multi-sampled analog, digital, modern and vintage synths, Synth AI promises "a modern fusion of cinematic synthesis."

Based around 24GB of sampled content, Synth AI aims to combine scoring and synthesis in a powerful virtual instrument. Having captured the essence of every type of synth and keyboard they could get their hands on, Sample Logic’s software creates animations and dynamic motion in the sounds. With 1,074 instruments and presets, Synth AI provides plenty of starting points for a cinematic synth adventure.

The presets make the most of Sample Logic’s AI (Animated Intelligence) engine, combining all manner of synths with intelligent rhythm motifs. Built on a powerful quad-core audio engine, Synth AI’s clever scripting brings a blend of synth textures to your fingertips. Motion effects within the sounds themselves add to the performance capabilities. Dynamic features include flexible tempo-synced automations, filters, LFOs and sequenced arpeggiators to create moving sounds with lots of life.

Built on an intuitive and organised platform, a tag-based browsing system allows users to explore the huge variety of synthesizer sounds on offer, from simple pulse plucks to complex oscillating arpeggios. Each source, core, and multi-core preset is tagged with useful genres and themes to help you quickly find useful patches, animations and presets. Load individual core presets and blend your own complete quad core instruments, or load an expertly crafted pre-built multi-core preset. This is a synth playground!

If you’re in a hurry or need some inspiration, Sample Logic’s encyclopaedic randomiser can help to find the happy accidents that make sound synthesis such a thrill. Over a dozen randomisation filters serve up trillions of potential combinations, going well beyond the initial presets of Synth AI. You can then tweak and adjust to create your own custom patches.


Synth AI – Animated Intelligence is available now for digital download for an introductory price of $149.99. After 7 September 2022, the price will rise to $249.99.

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