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Sonnox launch new web site

Loads of videos and tips, new 'pick'n'mix' pricing structure

British plug-in developer Sonnox has launched a brand new web site ( designed to “bring helpful information, interesting content, and tech-support knowledge in an easy-to-navigate website.”

Its ‘Learn’ section alone is home to over 150 videos, tips, interviews and articles to help better understand Sonnox plug-ins and how they can be used.

The site offers free trials to those who would like to try fully-functional Sonnox plug-ins for 15 days (iLok required); the ‘mySonnox’ area enables users to check their licences and upgrade them to latest versions; and the e-Store allows multiple plug-ins to be selected with a ‘pick’n’mix’ style pricing structure — the more plug-ins, the greater the discount. 

Sonnox Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Nathan Eames commented, “For some time now we’ve been working on this huge update to our website, and we’re delighted to have finally made it public. We believe our users will find the website full of illuminating articles, videos and generally helpful information.” 

Visit the brand-new Sonnox website at:

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