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Sonnox SuprEsser ships

With limited-time discount
Following its launch at the NAMM show in January, plug-in developer Sonnox have started shipping SuprEsser, their dynamic EQ and de-esser plug-in. SuprEsser is primarily a tool for removing sibilance (‘S’ sounds) and fricatives (‘F’ and ‘Z’ sounds), but can be used to eradicate other unwanted noises in an audio track, such as plosives (‘P’s and ‘B’s) or low-frequency rumbles.

At its heart is a responsive 1024-tap FFT display, which provides a detailed overview of the audio spectrum, but can be ‘zoomed’ to show a band of frequencies in more detail. Superimposed over the display is a red line that shows where the plug-in thinks the dominant frequency is between two selected frequencies, which are determined by the band boundary lines — also superimposed on the FFT display.

Inside the band boundaries is an intuitive, upside-down, triangle-shaped gain-reduction meter, which gives real-time visual feedback on the status of the plug-in.

SuprEsser usually retails for £212 including VAT but is available with a 10 percent discount for just £190.35, providing it’s purchased before the 30th June 2008. For more information, head to Sonnox Plug-ins’ web site.

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