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The Sound of Love Lost Kontakt instrument

Multiple velocity layers & sustained effects

Sam Thomas The Sound of Love Lost Kontakt instrument lo-fi ambient drone soundscape

The Sound of Love Lost is a Kontakt-based instrument created by composer, producer and session musician Sam Thomas. It is a pitched synth/guitar hybrid that can be played like an organ, and a wide range of both digital and analogue processing have been employed in its creation, resulting in a versatile instrument that promises to deliver sounds that range from rhythmic sequences to ambient drones.

The instrument began as a distorted bass sound that featured in ‘Love Lost’, a collaboration between Sam and musician Isamaya Ffrench, as well as a number of his other productions. Now, after nearly two decades of tweaking and refinement, the instrument is being made available as a Kontakt library.

There are now 13 samples for every note across a full 88-key / seven-octave range, each offering different velocities and 20 seconds of sustain that has been achieved either naturally or by using an EBow or sustain pedal. A built-in wah effect is present, and can be configured as a fixed effect, or triggered by a note’s velocity.

Each note has been played on a guitar and routed through an array of effects pedals, guitar and bass amps, before being processed even further using a variety of outboard EQ, saturation and tape processors. Finally, some finishing touches in the form of additional EQ and stereo width processing have been added by Sam and mastering engineer Anni Abigail.

Sam says that the current version of the instrument takes a clean and simple approach that doesn’t detract from the original sound. It features a blend control between two sound sources: Love and Lost, the first of which offers a sound similar to a lo-fi organ, whilst the second provides a wall of sound well-suited to ambient drones or heavier soundscapes. There are then set of controls such as Attack, Mix and Decay, as well as sliders that allow users to blend A440- and A432-tuned samples (the latter also featuring an inverted stereo field), mimicking an effect that featured in the original song.

There are plans for a second version which would introduce a separate sequencer page capable of adding variations to the velocities — and therefore the wah effects — of multiple instances of the same note, in order to quickly create rhythmic step sequences.


The Sound of Love Lost runs in the full or free version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 6.8.0 and above. It also features NKS support, offering advanced integration with Native Instruments’ range of hardware controllers.

Pricing & Availability

The Sound of Love Lost is available now, priced at £37.

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