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Soundtoys release Little Plate, free until Nov 22

EMT 140 plate reverb emulation is latest from plug-in developers

Plug-in developers Soundtoys have announced the immediate availability of Little Plate: their first dedicated reverb plug-in. What’s more, it’s completely free until November 22, and will be sold for $99 thereafter. 

Based on various classic EMT 140 plate reverbs from across the globe, Little Plate also adds a couple of features not found on the originals. While the cumbersome hardware could only produce reverb times of 1 to 5 seconds, Little Plate offers decay times ranging from half a second to infinity. Modulation is also available, adding chaotic variations to bring life and movement to the reverb. Meanwhile, to stop things getting too muddy, a Low Cut filter has been added for good measure.

An iLok account is required for use, but no USB dongle is necessary. Little Plate now comes with Soundtoys 5 and Soundtoys 5 Academic, and has been automatically deposited into the iLok accounts of version 5 bundle owners.

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