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Steinberg update Cubasis and Dorico apps

Mobile apps gain HALion-powered instruments

Steinberg Cubasis 3.6 Dorico for iPad 5.1 Android iOS iPadOS mobile DAW recording notation scoring app

Steinberg have announced that the latest versions of their mobile music making and notation apps, Cubasis 3.6 and Dorico for iPad 5.1, are now available. With the arrival of the updates, both apps now benefit from new built-in instruments powered by the company’s HALion sampling and virtual instrument engine.


Cubasis 3.6 will now include a free LoFi Piano instrument, a sample-based instrument that offers a blend of vintage and contemporary upright piano sounds and includes a collection of six intuitive built-in effects. There are then another three new offerings available via optional in‑app purchases.

The first, HALion Sonic Selection, is described as the ultimate creation workstation for Cubasis, delivering a library of over 1100 world-class instruments that can be fine-tuned to suit any genre thanks to a set of eight simple controls. Neo FM and Classic FM then offer a range of FM sounds, with the former loaded with next-generation basses, pads, leads and more, and the latter dedicated to recreating the tones of sought-after classics such as Yamaha’s DX7 and TX81Z.

“The new HALion-powered instruments in Cubasis add boundless possibilities for musical expression. More than a thousand new presets in the HALion Sonic Selection, and the incredible Neo FM and FM Classics packs, allow you to create professional-sounding productions using just your tablet or phone, as we continue our drive to make Cubasis the best mobile digital audio workstation available.” Lars Slowak, Cubasis Marketing Manager

Dorico for iPad

Dorico for iPad has also been treated to an instrument-based upgrade, with users benefitting from a new free set of General MIDI-compatible sounds powered by the HALion engine. Also available via an in‑app purchase is Iconica Sketch, the company’s recently released all-in-one orchestral instrument. Now optimised for iPad, the instrument offers the sound of a complete orchestra with 34 individual instruments and a total of 140 articulations, allowing composers and arrangers to produce detailed mock-ups with just their iPad. The instrument is available via a monthly or yearly subscription, or can be purchased with a one-off Lifetime Unlock payment.

“Being able to bring the same great-sounding orchestral sounds to Dorico for iPad that users can enjoy in Dorico for macOS and Windows is a huge step forwards. These new sounds provide much greater expressive possibilities and will allow composers and arrangers to enjoy writing music on their iPads more than ever.” - Daniel Spreadbury, Dorico Product Marketing Manager

Pricing & Availability

The latest versions of Cubasis and Dorico for iPad, along with the new instruments, are available now, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (Dorico is only available for iPad). Steinberg are celebrating the launch with an introductory pricing offer, with discounts of 25% being applied to the following prices until 8 January 2024.

  • Cubasis 3.6 App Store: $49.99€59.99
  • Cubasis 3.6 Google Play Store: $29.99€29.99
  • HALion Sonic Selection: $19.99
  • Neo FM / FM Classics: $13.99 each
  • Dorico for iPad 5.1: Free download
  • Iconica Sketch subscription: $4.99 / month or $49.99 / year
  • Iconica Sketch Lifetime Unlock: $119.99139.99

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