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Stolen Guitars Alert

Tim Renwick's Fender Strats and Acoustics stolen from studio
Session guitarist Tim Renwick has contacted us to report the theft of his own guitars from his studio -- Fender Strats and various Acoustics. details below.  If any member of the public or dealer encounters the instruments or has any information as to their whereabouts, please contact Nicola West at Devon & Cornwall Police:  nicola.west@devonandcornwall.pnn...

Fender Stratocaster solid body electric guitars

1 Sea foam green (turquoise) pearlised scratchplate - custom guitar built by Brinsley Schwartz for Chandler Guitars. Japanese wood/US electrics Seymour Duncan `Alnico 2` pickups Serial No:U035585.

2 Cream `Elite`model (no tremulo)`85 EMG pickups Serial No:E3300719
(Headstock with erased letters - reading `ratocaster`) as used on LiveAid `85 with Eric Clapton Band.

3 Metallic silver - Custom shop Vintage Series - Serial No: V045489
Lace Sensor p/ups & coloured headstock. As used with Pink Floyd `Pulse` albums.

PLUS a small USA Gibson amplifier (1949) cream with pink perspex front.

Acoustic guitars:

1.Martin 000C16RGTE serial no: 1140783 this has a built-in `Aura` pickup system and a rounded cutaway.
Instrument only bought last year, so in very good condition, in black Martin case with gold (coloured) metalwork.

2. Martin M38 `75 (I think) Serial no: 398602 Beautiful guitar given to Tim by The Bee Gees in thanks for recording and touring with their younger brother Andy Gibb.

3.Takamine Ac/El 6-string Model EN18C (stereo) Two jack outputs and a rounded cutaway Serial no:90010481.
14 frets to body. Average condition.

All guitars were in appropriate original cases.

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