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Summer NAMM ’16: Sonic Farm Tantra

Bass preamplifier

Xcalibur wasn’t the only new product from Sonic Farm at Summer NAMM this year. The Vancouver-based company were also exhibiting a collaboration with Mike Arnopol Soundworks: the Tantra bass preamp. Available both as a preamp and as an integrated amp, containing a 1000W ICE power module, the Tantra topology is hybrid, much like other Sonic Farm products. With two pentodes at the front end for taking care of the clean gain and overdrive, and a variety of solid-state based processing, such as a high pass filter, 5-band EQ, compressor, and a 2-part harmonic generator section, the amp is a cousin to the new Xcalibur dual tube mic preamp, with the two sharing some EQ and distortion circuit characteristics. Co-designer Mike Arnopol gave us a run-down of the features from the Summer NAMM show floor over the weekend.

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