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Summer NAMM 2015: Coil Audio CA286 (Video)

Tube mic, line and booster amplifier with negative feedback control

The CA-286 Amplifier really caught our eye at the Summer NAMM show this week with its retro styling, but the design philosophy behind this modular tube mic, line, and booster amplifier is rather intriguing, too. Its makers have gone to great lengths to ensure that it uses no components available after the 1960s. 

It employs a two-stage circuit which is a modern combination of tube gain stages from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Utilizing a unique Negative Feedback/Tone shaping circuit, the amp can be voiced from smooth, dark, and distant to in-your-face vintage fidelity, claim its makers. Each module uses custom interchangeable transformers, new-old-stock'Paper and Oil' capacitors, military-spec carbon comp resistors, and a pair of NOS EF86 vacuum tubes. The CA-286 combines a classic design approach with high-quality, custom and NOS ingredients, that Coil Audio say will "reinvent any microphone collection".

The CA-286 Amplifier is available in two different chassis configurations:

The PS-6 version is a fully removable module for use with the 6 channel PS-6 Rack Tray. Each channel is easily removable via two thumb screws for flexibility, expandability, and transformer substitution.

The PS-2 version comes factory installed in the PS-2 Rack and PSU. This combines the power supply and modules into a single 3U case creating a compact 2-channel modular solution. The module and power otherwise identical to our larger PS-6 versions.

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