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SynthFest UK — not to be missed!

Synths, seminars and much more on show, October 1st

SynthFest UK — the UK's premiere synthesizer show — will feature a host of specialist, boutique, modular-synth manufacturers, along with bigger brand-name manufacturers and also retailers, making it the biggest event of it’s kind in 2016. So, whether you’re interested in analogue, digital, retro reissues or vintage synths, you can now see them, hear them and even buy them at an event in the UK.  

Get up close and personal with new synths from Moog, Yamaha, Arturia and even Behringer’s DeepMind 12, the competitively priced analogue polysynth that’s recently set the internet aquiver.  

Thanks also to Philip Taysom of Modal Electronics for pointing out an error in our recent print news coverage of the Behringer DeepMind 12. We called the synth “quite possibly the first ever British-designed analogue polysynth”. In actual fact, this title most likely goes to the EMS Polysynthi of 1978. We were fortunate enough to speak with EMS co-founder Peter Zinovieff for a recent video feature looking back at a lifetime in synthesizer design and composition.

If synth history is your thing, then you'll love our content-rich programme of seminars. The stellar line-up of presenters includes Ian Helliwell, author of the recently published Tape Leaders book, who reveals the hidden history of early British electronic music. Topics also include the Theremin, Mi-Mu controller gloves, Max MSP for Ableton, How To Get Started With Modular and it's rounded out by a VIP Roundtable discussion. 

Modal’s own creations, including the 008  — perhaps the first British designed, and manufactured, discrete analogue polysynth, released in 2014 — will also be on show at SynthFest UK. Modal Electronics will be appearing along with various other boutique manufacturers including AJH Synth, Abstract Data, Cymru Beats and Soulsby; software synth makers Softube and GForce and many more.

SynthFest UK also includes a 'Modular Meet' gathering where enthusiasts will be showcasing their own gear, so come along and have a look at the many Eurorack set ups, standalone rare synths and a ‘definitely-not-to-be-missed’ collection of early Moog modules! 

All events are included in the ticket price. Advance tickets £10 or £15 on the day. SynthFest UK takes place on Saturday 1st October, at The Octagon Centre, Sheffield. Check out the SynthFest UK website for a full list of exhibitors, Modular-Meet gear and the seminar details.

Twitter: @synthfestuk

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