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Teenage Engineering’s EP-133 K.O. II sampler

Expands on popular Pocket Operator sampler

Teenage Engineering EP-133 KO II pocket operator portable sampler instrument

Teenage Engineering have announced the launch of a new sampler that builds on the capabilities of their hugely popular PO-33 K.O. Pocket Operator device. Featuring a reworked sequencer, new punch-in effects, enhanced sampling capabilities and more, the company say that the new EP‑ 133 K.O. II will help users get from an idea to a track faster than ever.

The new sampler can utilise up to 12 tracks which are contained within Patterns, and is capable of capturing audio using either a line-level input or a built-in microphone, which can then be sliced either manually or automatically and edited using an envelope control — there’s 64MB of onboard memory, and a total of 999 sample slots. In addition to its recording functionality, it also comes pre-loaded with a selection of drum, bass and keys sounds.

The device supports up to nine Projects, each of which contain four groups loaded with 99 Patterns and as well as hosting audio files (12 mono or 6 stereo), the tracks can also contain MIDI data. Pattern length can be changed between one and 99 bars on a per-group basis, and it is possible to swap patterns within groups to experiment with different combinations of tracks, with a Commit button allowing users to save ideas as they play. The device’s sequencer can run either in free time or quantised, and also benefits from a swing parameter.

In terms of control, there are 12 pressure- and velocity-sensitive pads that can be used to trigger samples, access parameters or used as a keypad to input numbers when editing parameters. There’s also a fader to allow for hands-on control over parameters and built-in effects, and its movement can be recorded and saved as automation whilst playing. Reverb, delay, distortion, chorus, filter and compressor effects are present, and can be used to process signals sent from a group (sends are limited to one effect per group) or external sources connected to the line-level input, and there is also a master compressor which can be applied to the main output. Thanks to the company’s Punch-In FX feature, it is possible to trigger effects by pressing and holding the pads during a performance, allowing users to quickly apply creative variations to their sequences.

As for connectivity, the EP-133 K.O. II offers MIDI and audio inputs and outputs, as well as sync connections which can be used to synchronise external gear and instruments, all of which are provided on 3.5mm mini-jack connectors. It can be powered by four AAA batteries, or via a USB-C port.

Pricing & Availability

The EP-133 K.O. II is available now, priced at $£299 including VAT. Those in the UK wishing to purchase a unit can find a retailer via the Sound Technology website

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