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Thinkspace Music For The Media course updated

Online course providers Thinkspace Education have announced some major revisions to their Music For The Media (MFTM) course, designed to provide training for aspiring film and TV composers. Apparently the biggest update in the course’s 15-year history, the revisions include 55 new “real-life” projects (including 23 film-scoring assignments), 16 hours of audio and video interviews (featuring composers such as Nick Hooper and Jeff Rona), and a rewritten course textbook, now 300 pages long.

Thinkspace say that the course covers composing styles for genres such as documentaries, adverts, films and computer games, and offers support both during and after the course, with industry professionals offering real-world advice.

To find out more about the Music For The Media course, check out Thinkspace’s web site, below.

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