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Ultimate Ears Pro release Universal IEMs

Universal fit in-ear monitors

Ultimate Ears Pro UE 150

Ultimate Ears Pro showcase the Universal IEMs, a new line of universal fit in-ear monitors featuring the UE PerForm Fit design. They have been designed as a first set of high-quality IEMs for aspiring musicians, aiming to provide comfort, sound quality and durability, all at a modest price.

The UE PerForm Fit design, engineered by UE Pro, is said to minimise ear fatigue and irritation while maximising sound quality and isolation for a “locked-in” performance. This design eliminates the need for on-stage wedge monitors and provides a secure fit, addressing the common issue of earphones falling out during performances.

Philippe Depallens, VP & General Manager: Decades of ear shape research and understanding of ear anatomy have driven our team to develop the PerForm Fit design. We've prioritized comfort and sound quality, enabling a smooth and hassle-free audio experience for musicians.

The lineup includes three models, each with a unique sound signature:

UE 150: An introductory option with a single dynamic speaker which provides a neutral clear sound.

UE 250: Aimed at musicians requiring more low-end, such as drummers, DJs and bassists. These feature dual drivers and a two-way crossover.

UE 350: Suitable for artists across genres, offering clarity, volume, and smoothness across the frequency range, featuring three drivers and a two-way crossover.

All models come with a carry case, a selection of foam or silicone ear tips, and a 50-inch IPX T2 cable.All models come with a carry case, a selection of foam or silicone ear tips, and a 50-inch IPX T2 cable.

Price & Availability

Prices start at $199 for the UE 150, $299 for the UE 250, and $399 for the UE 350. Ultimate Ears Pro are taking pre-orders immediately, with shipping starting 26 February 2024.

Visit Ultimate Ears Pro at booth #10720 during the 2024 NAMM show.

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