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Ultimate Ears Pro launch hi-res in-ear monitors

UE Pro partner with Capitol Studios to create hi-res capable monitors

Ultimate Ears Pro (UE Pro) continue their 20+ year legacy of innovation with their latest custom in-ear monitor, the UE Pro Reference Remastered, an in-ear monitor tuned for high-resolution audio. This marks Ultimate Ears Pro’s second collaboration with Capitol Studios, the legendary recording facility in Hollywood’s landmark Capitol Tower. As a part of its commitment to fidelity, Capitol Studios is at the vanguard of hi-res audio recordings.

Embracing the legacy set by the original UE Pro Reference Monitor, Ultimate Ears Pro and Capitol Studios engineers once again worked together to create the UE Pro Reference Remastered. This new custom in-ear monitor is designed to let you experience the nuances and details of hi-res recordings, whether you’re in the studio, at home or on the road.

“We’re excited to renew our collaboration with Capitol Studios to pioneer the expansion of hi-res audio with the UE Pro Reference Remastered,” said Philippe Depallens, vice president and general manager of Ultimate Ears Pro. “With the emergence of hi-res audio, we are pleased to bring a product to sound engineers and audiophiles that takes full advantage of this new recording format.”

For this new offering, UE Pro have employed proprietary ‘True Tone Drivers’, which extend the frequency range, and deliver a flat response to 18KHz. Their reasoning is so “you can now hear the harmonic structures and overtones that are usually missing from most headphones.” The result, claim the makers of the in-ear monitors, is that notes from hi-res audio recordings can be heard just the way they were captured in the studio.

The UE Pro Reference Remastered features “an internal mechanical structure that makes sure frequencies are faithfully presented”, states the marketing material. And, with the natural ambient sound occlusion of custom in-ear monitors, using the UE Pro Reference Remastered is, according to UE Pro, similar to the experience of working in an acoustically controlled studio. The UE Pro Reference Remastered provides 26 decibel attenuation of environment noise. The monitors offer portability with the ability to be plugged into any audio interface with the 1/8” headphone jack or included 1/4” adaptor.

The UE Pro Reference Remastered is expected to be available in December 2015 through Ultimate Ears Pro and authorised dealers, for a suggested retail price of $999. For more information, please visit

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