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RJ Studios unveils SubMassive plug-in

Innovative sub-harmonic generator

The GUI for RJ Studios SubMassive plug-in

RJ Studios has recently launched SubMassive, an innovative sub-harmonic generator plug-in for both Mac and Windows users.

SubMassive operates on the principle that "you cannot enhance what doesn't exist". Much like how harmonic exciters synthesise sounds lacking in high frequencies, SubMassive is designed to produce low frequencies absent in the original audio.

The mechanism of SubMassive involves the synthesis of low-frequency audio, an octave beneath the source audio, utilising a superior pitch-shift algorithm specifically tailored for low frequencies. The plug-in takes audio information above the "Fill Below" threshold and uses it to generate audio below the same threshold, thereby augmenting the "heaviness" of the source signal. The newly generated low frequencies are harmonically linked to the source audio and maintain transient precision.

The resulting LFE signal can be further tweaked to precede or follow the source signal, offering unique sound alterations.

SubMassive can be employed to:

  • Generate robust low end in EDM mixes.
  • Enhance the "heaviness" of kick drums, snare drums, and toms.
  • Enrich lead vocal and instrument tracks.
  • Produce an LFE channel for video post-production.
  • Alter sounds using low-end time shift effects.

SubMassive is a 64-bit plug-in available in VST, VST3, and AAX formats for Windows, and AU, VST, VST3, AAX formats for Mac OS 10.11+ on Intel and Apple Silicon.

The introductory price is $24.95 USD until February 4, 2024 ($29.95 regular price post that).

For more details and a FREE 14-day trial, visit the RJ Studios website.

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