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UPDATED: Go 8-bit with new Meris Ottobit (Video)

500-series processor turns audio into video game sound

UPDATE: Meris hve just released an official sound demo for their Ottobit 500-series module. Listen here:

Ottobit is a new and unusual sound processor in the 500-series modular format, designed and built in Los Angeles. It is designed to give musicians and sound designers tools to sculpt any source into audio reminiscent of early 8- and 16-bit video game soundtracks — giving you that '80s/'90s (games) console sound.

Features include:

  • Sample Rate Decimation & Bit Reduction
  • Pitch Track Enabled Ring Modulator
  • Tap Tempo controlled Triggered Envelopes & LFO Modifiers
  • Selectable LFO and Ring Mod Waveshapes
  • Blendable Ring Mod AM/FM Modulation
  • Premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA w/ 32 Bit floating point DSP

Check out their teaser video. The Ottobit will be available Spring 2015. Demo videos will be coming soon.

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