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UTEQ500 EQ module from Undertone Audio

Equipped with three variable peak/shelf filters

Undertone Audio UTEQ500 variable shape phase adjustment EQ module

The first 500-series module from Undertone Audio promises to deliver the sound and flexibility of a UTA console EQ in the popular compact format. The UTEQ500 is loaded with three ’Super Parametric’ bands that are said to be capable of replicating the curve of any other hardware EQ.

Each band is equipped with a pair of dual-concentric pots, and a three-way toggle switch that offer boost, cut and notch options — the notch setting can be used to apply extreme cuts, where necessary, or can be combined with a gain value of 10 to engage a ‘Phase Adjustment’ mode, which blends a filtered, reverse polarity signal with the original signal. The mode can then be used along with the Q and Shape controls to manipulate the phase of the input signal, offering a wide range of tonal options.

The high-frequency band spans from 1.4 – 22 kHz, and the low-frequency band from 20 – 340 Hz, and there’s 10dB of gain (or attenuation, depending on the selected mode) available. The mid band differs slightly, and is kitted out with an additional toggle switch that switches its frequency range from 90Hz – 1.4kHz (Low) to 390Hz – 6kHz (Hi).

All three bands benefit from Q controls that offer a range of 0.3 – 10, and can be continuously blended between peak and shelf filter shapes. Another two toggle switches placed at the top and bottom of the module provide a -10dB input pad to increase the unit’s headroom and accept hotter signals, and a bypass function.

Pricing & Availability

The UTEQ500 is available now, priced at $1195.

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