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Vochlea update Voice-to-MIDI Software

Dubler 2 Available Now

A screenshot of Vochlea Dubler 2's Play TabVochlea Dubler 2's Play Tab.

Vochlea have upgraded their acclaimed Dubler voice-to-MIDI software to version 2, and it’s quite an overhaul.

Notably, Dubler 2 no longer requires Vochlea’s own USB mic — you can use it with any decent dynamic mic and audio interface. It also boasts built-in drum and synth instruments, making it easier to perform with it live, as well as to set Dubler up to work with your voice.

Speaking of which, Dubler 1’s single screen has been replaced with five different tabbed views, which give you a huge amount more scope to fine-tune the way Dubler reacts to the incoming signal. It can be trained to recognise up to eight beat-boxing sounds (and if you need more, you can save multiple profiles) for triggering drums. And not only can it track pitch, amplitude and pitch bends, but can snap to various scales, suggest the right key to work in, generate chords and, impressively, track the amount of three different vowel components in your voice. All of this can be used either with the onboard sounds or, using MIDI, to trigger synths and sample-based instruments or control effects.

Dubler 2 is available now. The software-only version is £189 (US: $249). Dubler Studio Kit 2, including the USB mic, is £249 (US: $329). An upgrade from Dubler 1 is £59 (US:$78). UK prices include VAT.

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