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WeissKlang release L1 microphone

Equipped with company's own WMK-1 capsule

WeissKlang L1 LDC large diaphragm condenser capacitor microphone vocal speech instrument

WeissKlang have announced the release of the L1, a large-diaphragm capacitor microphone which has been developed with both professional studios and keen home recordists in mind, and promises to deliver a crystal clear sound whilst exhibiting extremely low self-noise. The company say that the L1 is a versatile microphone that is well suited for use on a range of sources including vocals, speech, and a wide variety of instruments.

WeissKlang L1 LDC large diaphragm condenser capacitor microphone vocal speech instrumentThe L1 comes supplied in a wooden box, and also ships with one of the company's MA-L shockmounts. The L1 features a cardioid polar pattern and employs WeissKlang’s own WMK-1 capsule, which the company say offers an accurate frequency response as well as a smooth diffuse-field response. There is a moderate frequency boost between 10 and 11 kHz, which aims to add clarity to recordings.

An included MA-L shockmount features an adjustable tilt angle, and is equipped with replaceable rubber bands that help to decouple the L1 and reduce the transmission of mechanical vibrations. The grille features an integrated pop filter which aims to combat plosives in addition to protecting the capsule from dust.

WeissKlang specify a self-noise measurement of just 4dB (A-Weighted), making the L1 one of the quietest microphones available, and a signal-to-noise ratio of 90dB (A-Weighted). A sensitivity figure of 23mV/Pa is provided, and the L1 is capable of withstanding a maximum SPL of 140dB whilst exhibiting 0.5% THD. The microphone measures 145 x 53 mm (height x diameter), and weights 414g.

The L1 comes supplied in a wooden box complete with an MA-L shockmount, and a USB stick which contains the microphone’s manual and a personal certificate.

The microphone is also as environmentally friendly as possible, with the company minimising their carbon footprint during production as well as supplying the L1 in recyclable outer packaging. The wooden box is made from FSC certified sustainable wood, and the digital manual and certificate are supplied in an effort to reduce the use of paper.

Pricing & Availability

The L1 is available now directly from WeissKlang, and is currently (29 November 2022) being offered for an introductory price of €299.

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