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Zero-G release Si Begg Hauntology Organic Electronica

New cinematic sample library evokes John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream

Zero-G’s latest sample library, Hauntology Organic Electronica is intended to evoke John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream. To cook up this deliberately untamed electronic sample collection the sample-makers turned to Si Begg, a respected sound designer, producer and artist. Having released acclaimed albums on Novamute, Ninja Tune and Tresor, Begg has the credentials for the project. 

The library brings together abstract, melodic and percussive loops plus weird FX, sweeps and tonal textures.

Si explains the project: "The aim of this library was to make a range of usable tools that could create the electronic sounds I heard and loved as a kid. Whether it be the quirky off-beat bleeps and bloops of Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the dystopian soundscapes of John Carpenter or the early film scores by the likes of Tangerine Dream, these are the sounds that soundtracked many of my favourite films and TV shows, scaring and delighting me in equal measure.

"Often these kinds of recordings were made on a shoestring budget with idiosyncratic equipment that would drift in tuning or distort unexpectedly, but these are the very faults and errors that gave them such character and I’ve tried not to make things too “perfect” or clean to retain that feel.

“The sounds have been culled from a variety of sources, old reel to reel tapes of my own early experiments, more recent sessions using half broken, dusty old synths with crackling pots and experiments with circuit bent effects units. They are raw, untamed electronics, curated into a fully usable format to add some organic textures to what can sometimes be a sterile experience with modern computer-based recordings.”

The library is available in multiple formats each containing 3.2GB of sample content. Zero-G Hauntology is available with a 20% introductory discount until 9th March. You can try the free taster pack now.

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