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Weaponiser aims to make weapon sound design easier

Save 30% on sound design engine until Feb 28

Weapon sounds are some of the most used effects in film and games, and are also some of the most difficult and time-consuming to create. With their latest release, Weaponiser, Edinburgh-based Krotos Audio have aimed to create an engine that lets you efficiently design weapon sounds, both realistic and fantastical.

Weaponiser comprises a a comprehensive library of professionally recorded weapons — including shotguns, rifles, pistols and more — along with carefully designed presets and real-time synthesis. The plug-in offers customised engines to design constituent elements and layers of shots with ease – Onset, Body, Thump and Tail. You can even break out your weapon elements onto a mixer for intuitive tweaking and dynamic mixing, and quickly render layers for easy export to in-game engines or your DAW.

“If you need to create an exotic gun, this plug-in will help you create it! The Krotos libraries are clean and powerful. Plus having the ability to load your own sounds gives you endless possibilities! (Don’t let the name Weaponiser limit you to using this plug-in to only create weapons!)” says sound designer Bryan Celano (Destiny 2, Gears Of War 3).

This ability to load your own samples, along with FM and AM synthesis, and an FX panel comprising EQ, Compression, Limiting, Saturation, Ring Modulation, Flanging, Transient Shaping and Noise Gating also makes Weaponiser a useful option for making unusual drum sounds. See how this can be achieved in Krotos Audio’s tutorial video here:

Weaponiser is available now in two versions: Basic and Fully Loaded. The former features 515 weapon recordings, four weapons and 90 presets, while Fully Loaded features 1596 weapon recordings, 13 weapons and 135 presets. If you buy before the end of February, you can save 30% on Weaponiser making the Basic version £217.20 (regularly £310.80) and Fully Loaded £318 (regularly £454.80).

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