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Jacquire King: Producing James Bay

Following-up on our May 2015 article on the making of the album (, King opens up the session files, revealing the production, arrangement and mixing techniques at play on three tracks from the record. 

Over the course of the video, Jacquire demonstrates the importance of foundational percussion tracks, and walks through his drum production techniques using the track ‘Collide’. Then, using smash-hit ’Hold Back The River’, he shows us how he uses natural spaces for “performed reverb” on vocal tracks for a sing-along quality. He finishes by discussing the arrangement and bass sound on the emotive ‘Let It Go’.

  • 0.29: The importance of foundational percussion tracks. 
  • 4.35: Drum production techniques on ‘Collide’. 
  • 28.16: Using natural reverb for vocals on ‘Hold Back The River'.
  • 31.37: Arrangement and bass sounds on ‘Let It Go’.