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    Plugin Alliance comes to SoundGrid

    Brainworx, SPL, Maag & Elysia now on Waves platform

    With the introduction of its 100% SoundGrid Bundle V1.0, plug-in makers Waves have announced that Plugin...

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    NAMM 2016: Waves Nx (Video)

    Virtual mix room plug-in

    We brought you news of a new headphone monitoring...

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    Mix 5.1 audio on headphones with Waves Nx

    Virtual Mix Room plug-in aims to close gap between headphones and monitors

    Waves Audio are to introduce Waves Nx, a Virtual Mix Room plug-in that aims to give you the optimal acoustics of a...

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    Using Plug-ins

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Caught between TDM, MAS, DirectX and VST? Tangled up in virtual inserts and aux sends? Never fear! Resident Plug-in guru Paul White is here to answer all your most common question, and to help you get the most from software audio processing.

    Sound Advice Oct 2000


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