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Plugin Alliance comes to SoundGrid

Brainworx, SPL, Maag & Elysia now on Waves platform

With the introduction of its 100% SoundGrid Bundle V1.0, plug-in makers Waves have announced that Plugin Alliance plug-ins will also be compatible with the networking and processing platform.

Waves SoundGrid, designed for studios, live sound, broadcast, post-production and more, provides an extremely low-latency environment for high-precision audio processing. 

Here's more from Waves on what's included in the 100% SoundGrid Bundle V1.0:

  • Brainworx bx_saturator V2 – One of the pinnacles of the extensive Brainworx audio portfolio, bx_saturator V2 performs M/S harmonic enhancement with precise frequency separation.
  • SPL Transient Designer Plus – A professional standard for shaping and controlling audio's attack and sustain, the updated Transient Designer Plus adds convenient new tools such as a limiter, parallel mix control and internal or external sidechaining.
  • SPL De-Essers – These emulations of SPL's coveted hardware de-essers provide single- and dual-band control over high-frequency sibilance, perfectly suited to live vocals.
  • elysia mpressor – Due to advanced features such as gain reduction limiting and negative ratio values, the mpressor has been lovingly described as "the compressor from the future."
  • Mäag Audio EQ4– An immaculate model of the Utah hardware company's 500-series equalizer, the EQ4 has garnered universal praise for its extremely musical 6-band EQ, including its famous signature Air Band™.

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