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NAMM 2024: Waves Space Rider plug-in

Reverb/delay/chorus multi-effect suite

Waves Space Rider effects plug-in

Waves Audio is now shipping the Space Rider plug-in, a versatile reverb/delay/chorus multi-effect suite, featuring a distinctive ‘Rider’ function that helps create dynamic mixes.

Its key feature is the 'Rider' function, designed to streamline the process of creating dynamic mixes by reducing the need for time-consuming routing and automation.

The Space Rider plugin incorporates two types of reverb, delay, and chorus effects. These were inspired by a variety of both vintage and modern processors. The effects are conveniently located side-by-side in a single, user-friendly interface that prioritises efficiency and speed.

One of the plugin's features allows you to send the chorus to the delay and the delay to the reverb with a simple button click. This creates spatial effects that can enhance your tracks, without the need for managing multiple channels, plugins, and complex routing.

An interesting aspect of the Space Rider is its dynamic Rider, which can be assigned to any parameter. This feature allows you to alter the different effects, offering opportunities for creative sound-shaping with built-in filtering, width manipulation, and modulation offsets.

Additionally, the plugin includes an Envelope Follower for the Rider. This enables the Rider to respond dynamically in real time to the incoming audio signal, simplifying the process of setting up complex effects.

In essence, the Waves Space Rider aims to simplify the process of achieving deep sonic results that traditionally required complex automations, routing, and send/return configurations. It's a tool designed to make your music creation process more efficient.

Waves Space Rider features:

  • Reverb, delay, and chorus in one user-friendly UI
  • Morph between the different effects with the Rider
  • New reverb/delay/chorus algorithms crafted from the ground up
  • Dynamic Rider saves you time on complex automation and routing  
  • Rider’s envelope shaper responds dynamically to the incoming signal
  • Easily send chorus to delay, delay to reverb

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