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Audio Ease Cabinet

Guitar Technology News/Preview By Matt Houghton
Published August 2009

Audio Ease, who made their name with excellent convolution‑based software such as Altiverb and Speakerphone, have announced the launch of a new product, Cabinet. As the name suggests, the raison d'être of Cabinet is to enable you to impose the character of real guitar‑amp cabinets on your recorded audio, and Audio Ease say that it is great for adding character to synths and other sounds as well as guitars. In essence, what you get are the best bits of Speakerphone for guitarists, with five carefully chosen cabinets, various mics and a spring reverb. Looking at the graphics it isn't too hard to tell which speakers are which. Retailing at £49.99$59, it's a fraction of the cost of the more comprehensive Speakerphone. Needless to say, we'll be looking at Cabinet in these pages very soon!Audio Ease Cabinet

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