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Big Bear Audio MP1 & MP1+

500-series ‘Colour’ Mic Preamps
Published July 2018
By Bob Thomas

Big Bear Audio MP1 & MP1+

Not only do these preamps boast superb performance, they can also host one of the growing range of DIYRE Colour modules.

Founded by Charlie Slee, a young British electronics designer and engineer whose résumé includes a spell at tube audio specialists Thermionic Culture, Big Bear Audio are a recent arrival on the 500-series scene. They started out distributing DIY Recording Equipment’s (DIYRE) open-source Colour series of preamps and modules (reviewed in December 2015:, but they soon turned their attention to developing products of their own, and they’re all designed and manufactured in the UK.

Identical Twins?

If you saw the MP1 and MP1+ mic and instrument preamps side-by-side in a rack, you’d be forgiven for not knowing which was which: the two share identical, injection-moulded fascias, control knobs and switch caps. Both also feature discrete Class-A circuitry that’s designed to deliver a clean, transparent performance. And both incorporate a slot that...

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Published July 2018