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Big Fish Audio Noize Loops

Sample Library By Oli Bell
Published March 2002


Score: **** 4/5 stars

Do you want to make some NOISE? Big Fish Audio think you do, and to help you along they've put together a two-CD collection (one audio, one WAV) of manipulated and processed drum loops. Produced by Sonic Mayhem, whose credits include the soundtrack to the computer game Quake 3 Arena, Noize Loops proudly warns us, in its press release, to expect "gut wrenching, brutal drum loops". Not your average Sunday afternoon listening, then.

BFA Noize Loops sample library.After a suitably insane demo track, the majority of CD One is taken up with 325 loops spread over 65 tracks. Tempos range from 70 to 172bpm, with the beats loosely grouped into self-explanatory categories such as Speaker Bleed, Level Override and Raging Lowend. The loops are well programmed, with a wide range of really aggressive processing on show: extreme EQ, full stereo effects, chunky filtering, and plenty of crunch and distortion. From more relaxed beats that bubble away nicely, to hard-edged drill 'n' bass loops that will scorch your ears, all the loops included have been lovingly pummelled into submission. In fact, some are processed so hard that it's difficult to believe they ever contained anything but tuned static. Imagine recording someone attacking the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with a chainsaw and a drum kit, and you're getting warm.

The loops are followed by 24 tracks of drones and assorted ambience. These relaxed and spooky soundscapes are excellent, and come as a welcome respite from the audio bombardment. The CD is rounded off by four tracks of suitably abrasive separate drum hits.

If you're looking for realistic-sounding drum loops or subtlety of any kind, this is not the collection for you. However if you want some Aphex/Atari Teenage Riot madness or truly brutal loops to scare your granny, Noize Loops will not disappoint. Grab your ear plugs and enjoy.

£59.95 including VAT.

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