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Cre8audio Function Junction

Eurorack Module By Robin Vincent
Published August 2022

When you mention function generators in Eurorack you tend to start thinking about West Coast synthesis. For those of us without Buchla modular systems, function generators are usually represented by the Make Noise Maths. It’s a terribly versatile module that few of us like to admit we don’t really understand. If you’d like some function generation in your Eurorack that’s easy to follow along with more modulators and signal mixing, then the Cre8audio Function Junction could be right up your alley.

Cre8audio Function JunctionThe Function Junction could perhaps be best described as a hub of lively modulation. It has four sections that can do their own thing or work into each other in interesting ways. Below the patchbay we have an ADSR envelope, followed by a function generator on the next row, an LFO at the bottom left and a signal mixer to the right of that. If it weren’t for the dashing and strangely angular blocks of red, it would look very ordered. As it is, it comes across as something fun, weird and excitable — that’s my favourite kind of module.

The ADSR envelope looks simple enough. It has the expected knobs and a button to turn on a Long mode for extended note shaping or parameter movement. The Loop mode repurposes the ADSR knobs to give you the cycle’s shape on Attack and Decay and the length, and so speed of the loop, on Sustain and Release. The loop can be enabled by a gate or trigger input so you can swap between a regular envelope and looping mid‑flow. It’s pretty interesting how the envelope won’t loop while the gate is open, so you can play the envelope and then enjoy the looping on release.

The function generator section is a lot of fun. It has an Attack and Decay knob where you’d expect to find Rise and Fall, but they do the same thing. A Curve knob dictates the shape of the envelope and a Sustain button makes use of any gate input, turning it into an ASR envelope. The Function has a modulation input that can be assigned to either the Attack, the Decay, or both simultaneously. On the right the Mod knob controls the depth of modulation in either direction. The Loop button sets the envelope cycling and ignores any further input. Toying with the modulation input and loop can generate all sorts of pleasing outcomes, with movement from plinks to bloops, through reversed ramps and exponential chundering to the simple purity of an LFO. And you can take a trigger from the end of the decay stage to add a delayed spice to other happenings while at all times understanding and enjoying the process.

Function Junction is great fun and offers some straightforward modulation options while having the ability to turn itself inside‑out through the looping and creative mixing of signals.

There’s not much to say about the LFO other than it’s a useful thing to route back into the Function or to retrigger the envelope. It has a triangle and square‑wave output and a knob for turning up the speed.

The last section is the signal‑twisting multi‑functional mixer. If left alone, it will mirror the output of the ADSR, Function and LFO on inputs 1, 2 and 3. Or you can replace them with alternative control voltage or audio inputs from elsewhere. Using the knobs you can change the amplitude of those signals. Outputs 1 and 2 contain the attenuated version of the first two inputs, whereas the third output, labelled Mix, includes a mix of all three as set by the knobs. So you can have your envelope mixed with a slow‑moving LFO, an envelope being Functioned, or you can use it as a completely separate three‑channel mixer or three‑channel attenuverter. One more output uses a logic function to compare the outputs and pass the highest voltage.

Function Junction is great fun and offers some straightforward modulation options while having the ability to turn itself inside‑out through the looping and creative mixing of signals. It encourages weirdness and tips you into experimenting with envelopes. If you were ever baffled by Maths, this module will give you many of the benefits with none of the headaches.