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Eventide Euro DDL

Eurorack Module
Published January 2019
By Rory Dow

Eventide have finally landed in the sweet‑smelling meadows of Euroland with the Euro DDL, the beating heart of an Eventide digital delay in Eurorack format. Many thought they wouldn't make it, but here they are. Welcome, welcome.

Euro DDL. Size: 16HP. Current: +12V 200mA, -12V 100mA.Eventide 
Euro DDL. Size: 16HP. Current: +12V 200mA, -12V 100mA.Euro DDL is a mono delay line with an analogue low‑pass filter packaged in a 16hp module. On the face of it not that exciting, but of course there's more to it. This is Eventide after all. For a start, nearly every parameter has some form...

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Published January 2019