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Eventide Rose

Modulated Delay Pedal
By Paul White

Eventide Rose

This stompbox combines analogue and digital processing to offer bucket-brigade warmth without the down sides.

Eventide have a long history of building high-quality digital effects devices, and as you'd expect their new Rose delay is indeed a digital pedal at heart — but that's far from the whole story, because this particular device has some very analogue ambitions! Not only are the mixing, filtering and feedback circuitry analogue, but the pedal also employs a digital delay system that isn't based on DSP. Instead, it takes the old-school approach of using a variable clock speed to change the delay time. By default, the delays range from 10 microseconds to 10 seconds, but with the range multiplier switched in, they can be up to 50 seconds long. There's also a very flexible modulation section, but before I dive in and discuss what all this can sound like, it's worth exploring the controls and connections that are set out around that chocolate-box front panel.

Flower Power

The Rose has a single TS jack input that can be switched to accept line– or instrument–level inputs, and from there the dry signal path is all-analogue. There's a single output (this is a mono pedal), and there's another jack to which you can hook up a footswitch or expression pedal. Power comes from the included adaptor, and a USB port caters for both firmware upgrades and MIDI control. Six knobs, four small buttons, a pair of footswitches, and a handful of LEDs are used to navigate the settings. The central rose logo pulses according to the modulation source and also changes colour depending on the modulation type selected.

The USB port caters for both MIDI control and firmware updates.The USB port caters for both MIDI control and firmware updates.As expected there...

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Published July 2019