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Active Studio Monitors
By Paul White


Part of JBL's 3 Series of monitor speakers, the 306P MkII is an affordable two-way active design that aims, via JBL's proprietary transducer and circuit technologies, to combine accuracy, low-frequency extension, and reasonably high SPL capability. Key elements of the design are JBL's Image Control Waveguide and flared Slip Stream low-frequency port, which together aim to keep the frequency response as flat as possible over a wide listening angle, while delivering a clean low end. (As the port is on the rear of the cabinet, the speakers shouldn't be placed too close to a wall. I'd be inclined to get them no closer than 300mm.) Because the waveguide keeps the off-axis frequency response as even as possible, room reflections come back relatively uncoloured, which should help to some extent in rooms with marginal acoustic treatment (though proper treatment will make them perform rather...

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Published July 2019