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Josephson C725

Large-diaphragm Valve Capacitor Microphone
Published February 2018
By Paul White

Josephson C725

This high-end valve mic sounds every bit as classy as it looks, and a unique voicing switch adds to its versatility.

This latest in Josephson’s 7-series microphones is built in the company’s own Santa Cruz factory in California, and upholds their reputation for meticulous electronic and mechanical design. Outwardly, the most noticeable feature of this microphone is its headbasket, which is made from a special open-cell, reticulated aluminium foam; the same material is also used in the aerospace industry, for rocket motors and aircraft fuel tanks! As well as being rugged and acoustically transparent, this material also provides excellent electrical screening for the capsule, and helps to break up internal reflections. As the foam is self-supporting, there are no solid vertical supports to interfere...

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Published February 2018