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Josephson C705

Cardioid Microphone By Neil Rogers
Published October 2020

Josephson C705

Josephson's newest design sounds as classy as it looks!

California-based Josephson Engineering have been releasing high-quality 'boutique' microphones for over 30 years now. For review here we have their latest design, which could broadly be described as a stripped-back and more affordable version of their C715 large-diaphragm capacitor microphone.

Despite being derived from that mic, the C705 has a number of changes from its more costly predecessor, and it's obvious that a lot of thought and care has gone into engineering this new design. The all-important centre-terminated capsule with its gold-sputtered diaphragm remains the same, although the C705 has a fixed cardioid pattern, and can't be switched to omni like the C715 can. This capsule is unusual in having only a single membrane; nearly all large-diaphragm mics employ Braunmühl-Weber dual-diaphragm designs, even if they are cardioid-only. In the C715, the pattern change from cardioid to omni is accomplished not by combining the signals from a front- and rear-facing diaphragm, but by opening (cardioid) or closing (omni) an acoustic labyrinth behind the single forward-facing diaphragm, as on the revered Sony C-37A. Removing the omni option in the C705 is a big part of how Josephson have managed to get the price down. The entire capsule assembly is internally shockmounted, which means the mic can be...

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Published October 2020