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Line 6 HX Effects

Multi-effects Processor
Published July 2018
By Paul White

Line 6 HX Effects

If you’ve found integrating multi‑effects units into your existing amp and pedalboard setup problematic, this unit could make life easier...

Line 6’s Helix is a one of the best solutions for those guitar players who want to replace their entire rig — amp included — with an all‑in‑one processor that can be DI’d, but many players still prefer to use a conventional amplifier. To address the needs of such guitarists, Line 6 have come up with HX Effects, which is based on the same audio engine as the Helix range of processors. The HX Effects is able to recreate a huge library of vintage and contemporary pedal‑style effects using component‑level modelling: the device packs in over 100 Helix effects, plus a number of M‑Series and other legacy effects that encompass the more obvious distortions, delays, reverbs, compressor/limiters, mod and pitch effects, but also includes synth‑style sounds, filters, EQs, wah wah, auto harmony, reverse effects and a looper.

Well Connected

The rear panel is impressively busy, playing host as it does to stereo pairs of input and output jacks, two loop sends and returns and two TRS Control jacks. (Mono in and/or mono out operation is supported.) Two external expression pedals can be connected at the same time, the default arrangement being...

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Published July 2018