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Little Labs VOG | Audio

Bass Resonance Processor By Matt Houghton
Published November 2011

The audio files on this page accompany my review of the Little Labs VOG 500-series processor, which appeared in SOS November 2011.

The files are as follows:


In this example you can hear me adding resonance at the low end and then tuning it. The amplitude is set to maximum, so you could easily be more subtle than this.


This is a similar example, but with the centre frequency changed so the resonance is higher up the spectrum.


In this example, you can hear the effect of fattening up a kick drum within a drum loop. The first play through is clean, then I star moving the resonant peak. Notice that despite the significant LF boost on the kick, the other parts of the kit are almost unaffected. This could also be achieved with EQ, of course, but not as simply or quickly as with the VOG.



These two examples demonstrate the effect on kick with the first example focusing on the LF and the second with the peak higher, to move into effect territory.


An example showing that the effect is clean enough to be used on other instruments, in this case orchestral timpani. It's perfect for lending weight to such instruments in film scores.