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Loci Stands

Interlocking Stand System By Robin Vincent
Published May 2020

Loci Stands

Desk out of control? Loci's clever stand system could be just what you need...

The Loci stands are a modular system of interconnecting wooden puzzle pieces that aim to disrupt the smooth lines and welded angles of the tubular steel equipment stands that dominate the studio market. They give off a slightly child-like vibe somewhere between a Science Museum project and an Ikea flat pack. But if you can embrace the revolutionary aspects of the look then you might discover that this is the most useful thing to happen to gear stands in a very long time.

Building Blocks

The individual pieces are laser cut from durable veneer wood and are all interconnectable into whatever shape and combination best fits your requirements. There are currently four packs to choose from although a combination is probably required to get the best use out of the system. The 'Classic' gives you a wedge-shaped desktop stand suitable for pretty much anything, and they say it's sturdy enough to handle a 6U Eurorack in a hardwood case. The 'Dinky' is a smaller version of the Classic that's good for desktop modules and 25-note keyboards. The 'Expander' can attach to either the Classic or Dinky to extend it into another tier, but at the expense of some depth. And 'Accessory' adds a slightly weird internal shelf or wings to the side and a pair of smaller wedges to add stability to a growing stand.

This is the most useful thing to happen to gear stands in a very long time.

The versatility comes when you discover how these packs can be mixed and matched into all sorts of shapes and configurations. Mount the Dinky on top of the Classic for a more angled second tier; combine three Classics for a super‑deep two‑tier; turn them on their backs for more impressive angles; there are lots of examples on the website. Loci suggest that experimentation is the key, although they also accept no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your equipment if you get a bit silly.

You don't really know how it's going to work out until you try, and if you buy a number of packs you can guarantee that you'll have them together and apart many times before you hit on the right combination. They are most ideal for desktop synthesizers and groovebox-style machines as depth can become an issue once you add expanders and second tiers. But with some thought you'd be surprised what you can fit in. I managed to squeeze the Behringer MS‑101 and RD‑8 on a Classic+Expander two‑tier setup.

Loci Stands

Then there's the rake of the wedge. If you had a regular keyboard stand the keyboard would lie flat and then, perhaps, you'd add a second tier above it with the keyboard at an angle. With the Loci stands you start at desktop level with a significant angle and that can feel a little strange for a keyboard. And that's perhaps the one thing the Loci stands don't do — they can't add a tier to anything lying flat on your desktop. But on the other hand the rake takes up less space, lifts up all your gear and pushes it towards you in a very engaging way. I can't stop looking at it. My messy collection of synths and devices has never looked so awesome.


The Loci system of stands is easy to work with, sturdy and extremely adaptable. It can revolutionise a desktop crammed with synths and noise boxes into a quite fantastic workstation of jaunty angles, tidy lines and exciting possibilities.


  • Versatile.
  • Design your own system of stands.
  • Expandable.
  • Made from ethically sourced materials.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • The look isn't for everyone.
  • Adding tiers compromises the depth.
  • Can get expensive once you start expanding.


Loci offers a selection of eye-catching, interlocking, modular stands that can keep on growing and changing as your gear does and could transform your workspace from a mess into an exhibition.


Classic £49, Dinky £42, Expander £35, Accessory £42. Prices include VAT.

Classic $63.50, Dinky $54.50, Expander $44.95, Accessory $54.45.